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I Tell a Tale

I tell a tale, I tell a tale of a clown. About his life weaved around footlights and anticipated frowns. He goes ...

The Utopia called Theatre

Oh how the magic unfolds as the wood speaks of the pains your feet take, how the air sparkles with the dust ...

An Ancient Greek Extravaganza!

An ancient god who represented the wild and the free, the unconventional and the unexpected. Isn’t it amazing that concepts and practices ...

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Why do I like to watch a play? Because I love theatre. I love the way an intelligent, engaging script on fresh white sheets of paper is transformed into that moment when the actor is standing on stage and you can almost sense his adrenaline gush. Read more

Khatija Chimthanwala - Dinner Theatre at Cafe Zenia

Some dialogues and exchanges in the play are, prominently, relatable extracts from classics like the Godfather, which blend in perfectly with the plot of the play. These are delights to recognise unexpectedly.
The entire play was a treat for the eyes, the ears and the mind.

Meghna Majumdar - Oz -the rock Opera

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