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Bhaag Bhaag D.K. Bose – Reviews

Stagecraft Theatre’s Bhag Bhag D. K. Bose : Review by NagpurTimes.INbagbhagdkbose

Hindi Play

Presented by Stagecraft Theatre

Directed by Anamika Sawarkar

The play is about Mrs. Aditi Khanna who is trying to make her married life eventful by trying to get involved in extramarital affair with a friend of her husband, D. K. Bose. But she quickly cancels her plan midway as she develops a doubt about her husband, Mr. Mukesh Khanna, having an affair with someone else. To find the truth, she makes a plan with her friend Simranto, who writes an anonymous love letter to Mukesh and catches him red handed to cement her doubt. However, with their big enough circle of friends who get involved some or the other way in the later proceedings, things get entangled and funny. It’s an entertaining and comical journey to see it all unfold on stage.

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A review by The Hitavada

news_255447Stagecraft Theatre’s latest presentation, Bhag Bhag D. K Bose is a laugh riot that keeps the viewers glued till the end on each episode as it unfolds innocently, leaving a trail of confusion. A previw of the play was quiet convincing on the excellent directorial debut made by Anamika Sawarkar with blessings and guidance of the undisputable guru Mr. Vikash Khurana. The young doe-eyed lady has it in her and one can expect some more of such classics to come in future.

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