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Stagecraft Summer fiesta 2012

Stagecraft Winter Fiesta

Stagecraft Theatre’s festival to celebrate the Performing Arts.

Whether you are a professional performer, or a talented performing arts enthusiast. Take this stage to honour the arts and display your talent.
Stagecraft r Fiesta 2012

Stagecraft Fiesta 2012

“If Music be the food of Love. Play on.” – William Shakespeare If you are an amateure or a proffessional, Stagecraft Fiesta Winter 2013 is giving you a platform to build your audience and regale them with your talent. Presenting a three day festival of music, dance and drama with over 100 performances, guest speakers, discussion forums and more! A first-of-its-kind performing arts festival is being organized by the Hislop Academy of Performing arts, at Hislop College, Nagpur.

With this initiative, Stagecraft Theatre, endeavours to provide a platform to students and professionals of performing arts from Nagpur. The fiesta, will bring professional and amateur artists in the fields of music, dance and drama to share a common platform and exchange ideas. Three outdoor performance areas are being set up especially for this event. These will host live and unplugged performances, discussion forums and talks by guest speakers on all three days. With no restriction on genre or style, audiences will get a chance to see a range of performances- Music and dance from Indian classical and folk styles to bands playing western music. Also planned are a host of street plays, mimicry acts and stand-up comedies.

So come, celebrate the Performing Arts! At the Stagecraft Summer Fiesta on 4th, 5th and 6th October from 4 pm to 8 pm at the Hislop College, Civil Lines, Nagpur. Entry to the festival is free and open to all. If you are interested, you are most cordially invited!

The objective of the festival is three-fold: Firstly, to create a platform for local artists to come and exhibit their talents. Second, is to provide a common meeting ground for all the performing artists and the discerning audiences, to interact and exchange their ideas. And finally, to give the Performing Arts a place in the cultural ethos of Nagpur Stagecraft’s fiesta is a small step in this direction.

There are two other important things for all the participants to note. One, there will be no PA systems available. Therefore, all artists will have to perform unplugged or on live music. Two, performances on Bollywood item numbers will not be accepted.

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(Rajat is sitting in his chair making notes. There is a knock heard offstage and Kumar comes in)

Rajat: Well hello, Mister Kumar! I am glad you came at the appointed time. I was hoping to cut out a little window in my schedule, since you are my last appointment. So why don’t we make this nice and quick.

Kumar: I didn’t want to come here in the first place. Why the hell wouldn’t I want it to end quickly?

Rajat: (laughing) A little angry about things are we? Well it’s perfectly normal to have little spats with the staff, its lets out that anger. We at human resource have our jobs just to ensure that we have the reason of why the spat happened.

Kumar: Yeah right!

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When Two Strangers Talk

Park setup. Two benches are placed in alignment at the center of stage. A man in plain clothes is sitting on the right bench reading ‘The accidental billionaires’. We hear a man talking loudly offstage. A woman in a suit comes in talking on her cell phone with a laptop bag on her shoulder. She walks and sits beside the man in plain clothes.

SUIT: I don’t care if you have to walk the whole damn city to make it work, do what I pay you to do! And yes, I pay you a fair amount of money so don’t give me any crap about how low your pay is and how you are getting old. If you are getting old, then I am starting to have an inclination to bloody fire you and get somebody else to do your job.

The man in plain clothes moves to the very corner of the bench when the woman in the suit sits beside him and talks.

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