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Rope @ NCPA: Reviews


Rope : Light and Breezy –



SoBo celebrates diversity in theatre  -DNA, Mumbai

For several days every year, the NCPA, flings its doors open to nascent stage productions from Mumbai and elsewhere. Centrestage stands out from the throng of theatre festivals across the country by being India’s only multilingual festival of premiering plays. Vikash Khurana, who heads Stagecraft, is directing and acting in Rope, a stage adaptation of Patrick Hamilton’s critically-acclaimed Hitchcockian thriller of the same name, says, “It is empowering to think of theatre without the trappings of language. This is especially relevant in a country like India and in a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai. A multilingual collection of plays draws diverse groups and thereby diverse audiences.”  READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE


Rope: Play Review

Being flagged amongst the “5 Lost Hitchcocks”, the film based on Hamilton’s renowned playRope went on to be a masterpiece shot in ten takes with a few edits. The play that was written in 1929 and which later became a series in 1938 and subsequently a motion picture in 1948, was Hamilton’s first theatrical hit. The play garnered massive response in its time and still continues to amuse theater aficionados.

A Stagecraft Theater Production of Nagpur presented a re-enactment of the play at NCPA’S Centrestage Festival. Recreating a masterpiece which is a challenge in itself was taken up and given its due justice by the team. Keeping the story constant, the play was molded to suit the Indian audience with a few changes in the characters and the settings.

Here’s a look at how a fresh take on Rope bagged a standing ovation from the audience:



Stagecraft’s “Rope” is spell binding. Reviews.

'Rope' Review by The Hitavada, 1st December 2013.

‘Rope’ Review by The Hitavada, 1st December 2013.


‘Rope’ keeps audience riveted – The Times of India, Nagpur.

NAGPUR: For those who have stomach for the morbid, IMA’s JR Shaw auditorium was the place to be in on Saturday afternoon. An adaptation of the famous Patrick Hamilton play ‘Rope’, directed by Vikash Khurana was staged here.

A thriller from start to finish, the play has a philosophical edge as it takes refuge in intellectual superiority to justify an act like murder. It is the story of two engineering students who kill their batchmate, hide his body in a trunk and go on to have a party where the victim’s father is also invited. The trunk with the body inside serves as a dining table at this party.

Khurana and his team get it right from the first scene. The use of lights and sound, the restrained acting and the mood, that a mix of all three of these creates, keep the viewer glued. Strong story and cryptic dialogues keep the sense of drama alive. The six actors remain on stage all along the duration. Each has a distinct part which adds to the drama. Nandan Majumdar and Varun Vij as two young students who are perpetrators of the crime look their part. Majumdar’s strong character is a perfect foil to that of Vij who is a bundle of nerves. Anurag Kulkarni as Shirish Jagdale, the father of the deceased creates the right amount of pathos as he asks the two murderers of his son about his whereabouts. Khurana as Riaz Khan brings the required maturity to the character as Khan understands the youth and the queer logic behind their crime.

Making an allowance for those who come in late, a light hearted skit was presented by Supantha Bhattacharya at the beginning of the play. “We didn’t want the audience to miss the beginning as the storyline hinges on it. And as the play is very sombre this banter was a foil to it,” said Bhattacharya.