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The Golden Sam Awards : Winners 2013

The proud winners of Stagecraft Theatre’s Golden Sam Award for the year 2013 are:

Kachchi Kali Debut Male : Vinay Pande for Mowgli

Kachchi Kali Debut Female : Sabrina Khan for Mowgli

Best Costume Design – Farah Amroliwala for Mowgli

Best Makeup – Farah Amroliwala for Mowgli

Best Song (onstage) Male – Nandan Majumdar for Mowgli

Best Song (onstage) Female – Sonal Trivedi for Twelfth Night

Best Sound – Priyadarsh Bhabda

Best Music – Anurag Kulkarni for Mowgli

Best Choreography -Sonal Trivedi for Mowgli

Best Debut Director – Anamika Sawarkar for Bhag Bhag D K Bose

Best Jugal Bandi – Onkar Ghare and Shantanu Thengdi for Mowgli

Best Short play (Stagecraft Adda) – Supantha Bhattacharya for Jab Andhera Hota Hai

Best full length play – Rope

Best Actor (Male) – Nandan Majumdar for Bhag Bhag D K Bose and Varun Vij for Rope

Best Actor (Female) – Bianca Nazreth Arya for Twelfth Night

Best Supporting Actor (Male) – Anuj Hamilton and Anurag Kulkarni both for Rope

Best Supporting Actor (Female) – Anamika Sawarkar for Rope

Best Actor in a comic Role – Pramod Naidu for Bhag Bhag D K Bose and RJ Rocky for Bhag Bhag D K Bose

Best actor in a Negative Role – Gurnoor Bedi for Mowgli





Alice in Wonderland : Review

Stagecraft Theatre’s musical trip with Alice in Wonderland is definitely worth undertaking. A well scripted show, Stagecraft Theatre and it’s team of performers, young and old, have shown considerable maturity and have come up with something quiet entertaining.

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Alice in Wonderland – Music

The music of Alice in wonderland is composed by Anurag Kulkarni for the play.

Singers: Anamika Sawarkar, Sonal Trivedi, Anurag Kulkarni and Onkar Ghare.

Title track

Caucus song

The song of Humpty Dumpty

The song of Tweedledee and Tweedledum

The Duchess song

The Cheshire Cat

The song of Red Queen

The White Rabbit song

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in wonderland

Venue : Sai Sabhagruh, Behind Wockhardt Hospital, North Ambhazari Road, Nagpur.
Date : 18th and 19th of February
Time : 3 PM & 7 PM Sharp (daily two shows)
Tickets : Rs. 300/- and Rs.200/-

Stagecraft Theatre Presents : Alice in Wonderland- The Musical.

A world of wonders in one enchanting musical.

Alice the protagonist must find her way through this strange place called “Wonderland”.She is a 7 year old girl who while sitting with her sisters falls asleep and enters this world by falling down a rabbit hole. She follows the White Rabbit who leads her on many adventures throughout the book. The story is full of fanciful characters, each one adding a bit of humor and dimension to the story.

Alice encounters various talking animals – a White Rabbit who acts as Alice’s guide, the Caterpillar who provides Alice with a way to control her growth, a smiling cat who can disappear and reappear at will; there is the Queen of Hearts, the mad tyrant who rules Wonderland.

The story is both entertaining and symbolic in the way that character teaches Alice something about life and growing up in a dangerous world.