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Shout. Cry. Laugh. Scream. Dance. Connect. Believe and stop.

Now breathe. Because you are about to take that first step on stage – where your heartbeats echo, where you take a giant leap, where the audiences piercing eyes may not be seen in the dark but can be felt – a space that belongs to no one; where you are alone with just a reflection; portraying a shadow that is hollow but not diminishable. Varied emotions and perhaps, some syllables… The only thought is to lose everything and to surrender every bit of yourself to that shadow, who you now believe, is you. Now, one just doesn’t act, but gazes at the reflection in the mirror, conveying that today I am here with someone I don’t know.

Lights. The audiences focus their attention on the actor, but the performer is unaware and oblivious because, with every second he transcends all his energy, looking at that very mirror which is his only spectator, just like his shadow, telling a story that changes everything.

It’s not the other that you become; it’s the emotion of the soul. You find it, understand it and express it with everything you have.

Shout. Cry. Laugh. Scream. Dance. Connect. Believe and..



Written by
Anadi Sharma
Anadi is a management student and a talented and enthusiastic actor and content writer.

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