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The Golden Sam Awards : Winners 2016

The proud winners of Stagecraft Theatre’s Golden Sam Awards for the year 2016 are:



Best Actor Leonard Leo (Chehal Pehal)

Best Actress Radhika Joshi (Purple Moon)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role Nitish Chandra (Gumnaam Hai Koi)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role Tauby Bhagwagar (Purple Moon)

Best Actor in a Comic Role Aditya Bansod (Chehal Pehal)

Best Actor in a Negative Role Moiz Haque (Gumnaam Hai Koi)

Best Play Chehal Pehal



‘Kachchi Kali’ Award for Best Debut (Male) Anuj Mohan Singh (Chehal Pehal)

‘Kachchi Kali’ Award for Best Debut (Female) Shivani Joshi (Gumnaam Hai Koi)

Best ‘Jugalbandi’ Award Nitish Chandra & Aditya Bansod (Chehal Pehal)

‘Jugaad’ Award for Best Production Pooja Manian (Five on aTreasure Island)

‘Blackout’ Award for Best Light Design Rachit Khetan (Gumnaam Hai Koi)

‘Dhinchak’ Award for Best Sound Design Onkar Ghare (Gumnaam Hai Koi)

‘The Shining Star’ Award for Best All-Round Performance Rachit Khetan

‘Break a Leg’ Award for Best Choreography Sonal Trivedi Malkan (Five on Treasure Island)

Best Adaptation Ankita Athawale & Onkar Ghare (Chehal Pehal)

Best Costume Design Nikita Mhaisalkar (Purple Moon)

‘Gaao Beta’ Award for Best Onstage Song Krutika Rangari (Chehal Pehal)

Best Set Design Pooja Manian (Purple Moon)

Best Publicity Design Sohrab Kanga (Gumnaam Hai Koi)

Best Child Actor Amol Wakhare (Five on a Treasure Island)

Best Child Actress Shruti Bhojwani (Five on a Treasure Island)

‘Abhi Abhi Toh Aaye Ho’ for Best “Blink-and-you-miss” Role Prachi Sharma (Gumnaam Hai Koi)

‘Ye Kahan Aa Gaya Mai’ for The Best Clueless Performance Anurag Kulkarni (Five on a Treasure Island)

‘India Ka Naam Roshan Karoge’ for Best Javelin Throw Moiz Haque (Purple Moon)

‘Love Is Sweet Poison’ for Most Romantic Moment Shruti Mundada (Chehal Pehal)

‘The Sultan’ Award for Best Onstage Kushti Nitish Chandra (Chehal Pehal)


‘Bikini’ Award for Short Play (Stagecraft Adda)

Best Actor Bianca Nazareth Arya (Queen)

Best Writer Nandan Majumdar (Ace)

Best Director Onkar Ghare (Queen)

Best Play Bansi (Raveesh Jaiswal)

Stagecraft Theatre awards

The Golden Sam Awards : Winners 2015

The proud winners of Stagecraft Theatre’s Golden Sam Awards for the year 2015 are:



Best Actor in a Lead Role:  Leonard Naidu  (A Shot in the Dark)

Best Actress in a Lead Role:  Arushi Thapar  (The Naughtiest Girl in the School)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:  Raunak Madne  (A Christmas Carol)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role:  Sonal Trivedi Malkan  (A Christmas Carol)

Best Actor in a Comic Role:  Varun Vij  (A Shot in the Dark)

Best Play:  A Christmas Carol



‘Kachchi Kali’ Award for Best Debut (Male):  Rachit Singh  (A Christmas Carol)

‘Kachchi Kali’ Award for Best Debut (Female):  Sonal Bindra  (A Shot in the Dark)

‘Kachchi Kali’ Award for Best Debut (Child):  Hariti Shah  (The Naughtiest Girl in the School)

Best ‘Jugalbandi ‘Award:  Leonard Naidu & Onkar Ghare  (A Shot in the Dark)

‘Jugaad’ Award for Best Backstage Management:  Devanshi Shah & Rachit Khetan  (The Naughtiest Girl in the School)

‘Blackout’ Award for Best Light Design:  Anurag Kulkarni & Onkar Ghare  (The Naughtiest Girl in the School)

‘Dhinchak’ Award for Best Sound Design:  Priyadarsh Bhabda  (The Naughtiest Girl in the School)

‘Break a leg’ Award for Best Choreography:  Sonal Trivedi Malkan  (The Naughtiest Girl in the School)

Best Adaptation:  Swati Sani  (Horn OK Please)

Best Costume Design:  Farah Amroliwalla  (The Naughtiest Girl in the School)

‘Bikini’ Award for Best Short Play:  Nandan Majumdar  (Yellow)

‘Jaagte Raho’ Award for Best On-Stage Catnap:  Anurag Kulkarni  (A Shot in the Dark)

‘Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa’ Award for Best In-performance Decision:  Vikash Khurana  (A Christmas Carol)

‘Ye Kahan Aa Gaye Hum’ Award for Best Comeback:  Raveesh Jaiswal

‘Mamma Mia’ Award for Best On-Stage Mom:  Bianca Nazareth-Arya  (The Naughtiest Girl in the School)

‘Yedi’ Award for Best A D:  Sonal Trivedi Malkan  (A Christmas Carol)

‘Food for my Children’ Award for Best Improvisation:   N V Sharma   (A Shot in the Dark)

Awards 2013

Stagecraft Awards 2013

On the night of January 13th, 2013 the Stagecraft Theatre Awards was buzzing with excitement as it was not only the second year of the awards but also the 10 years anniversary celebration, having staged 50 productions and done more than 100 shows since the year 2002.

The ceremony commenced with Vikash Khurana, welcoming everyone and addressing the guests about the journey of stagecraft theatre and encouraging the new talent to come up with more creative ideas to keep the essence of drama alive in the city.

The first round of awards were the technical awards. The” Kacchi Kali” awards for the most promising debut were bagged by Amol Wakhare and Tanaya Chakravorty for their performance in the Magical Adventures of Ranji. The “Jugaad” award for exemplary backstage management was given to Abhinav Singh for the play Jamaica Inn. A special award was introduced called the “Parde ke Peechhe kya hai” award, which had a unique story about getting trapped behind the curtains during one of the shows and it was proudly received by Anurag Kulkarni. Anurag also got the award for exemplary music and sound effects for OZ – the rock opera.

Nandan Majumdar won the “Blackout” award for his impeccable timing in light effects for Magical Adventures of Ranji. The “Break a leg” award for best choreography was bagged by Sonal Trivedi for her wonderful and foot-tapping dances in OZ- the rock opera. The “Bikini” award for the best short play, performed in Stagecraft Adda was won by Raveesh Jaiswal for writing, directing and acting in his play The Walnut Street, which got a maximum number of votes from the audience, amongst the ten plays. The audience thoroughly enjoyed listening to the experiences shared by all the winners in their plays and applauded generously for their achievements.

The next set of awards were the mainstream awards. Happiness and excitement were visible on the faces of all the nominees. The Best Actor in a Negative role was bagged by Bianca Nazareth Arya for her jaw-dropping performance in OZ whereas Supantha Bhattacharya took away the best actor in a comic role for his hilarious comedy in Magical Adventures of Ranji.

Ketaki Kane Salankar and Nandan Majumdar won the best actors in supporting role for their intense and intricate performances in Jamaica Inn and Oz respectively.

Best actors in the lead role were taken by the doe-eyed beauty Anamika Sawarkar for her breath taking performance as Dorothy in Oz-the rock opera and Lalit Khullar for his highly entertaining role in Gossip.

OZ- the rock opera won a maximum number of awards including the Best Play, which was received by none other than the man behind the existence of Stagecraft theatre, Mr Vikash Khurana. He congratulated each and everyone for their hard work. The award ceremony and the anniversary celebration ended on a high note with some fabulous dance performances by the members of team stagecraft including Sparsh bhure, Mohana Mohture, Raveesh Jaiswal, Abhishek, Pranjala Chauhan, Pankhuri Shukla and Sonal Trivedi, which left the audience in a very energetic mood. All the members who have been a part of stagecraft since its inception were present to grace the occasion.