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Stagecraft Adda presents CANVAS 3.0

A collection of 4 one-act Plays

It was staged on Sunday 9 April 2017 at RGNIIPM Auditorium.


A single father lets his daughter go out with her partner and friends for a new year’s party, after failing to convince her to spend another hour talking to him. His brother confronts him about his impending plans to leave and the consequences of his absence in his daughter’s life.

Written by Onkar Ghare | Directed by Vivek Daga
Cast: Niketan Shahare, Supriti Dash Sharma, Aman Opai, Aayushie Vairagade.


An aspiring poet, but a typical teenager, unsatisfied with life and its happenings, constantly wanting more than what she has. Her vision changes at a drop of a hat after talking to April as she realizes the beauty of life.

Written by Arya Diwakar | Directed by Raveesh Jaiswal
Cast: Anurima Chakraborty, Prajakta Raut, Rajat Agrawal, Aditi Joshi.


Set in the month of may, in a city surrounded by hills and forests, the play traces the enlightenment of a man and his brief adventures with fellow human beings.

Written by Amol Wakhare | Directed by N V Sharma
Cast: Ankush Kamble, Mohit Raut, Devashish Thakare, Manoj Chauhan, Komal Nagdev, Rajat Rajani.


An enchanted forest twinkles with light and colour and magic. But the very source of that magic, has chosen to leave. Why? He loves his woods too much. His love, his strength and his vulnerability are all brought to the fore, when a young fairy is born into the dying light.

Written by Khatija Ferhy | Directed by Radhika Joshi
Cast: Shivani Joshi, Ansh Hariramani, Arshia Tarkunde, Anurag Nashine.


Technical Team
Lights: Aditya Bansod
Sound: Anubhav Gupta
Backstage: Viddesh Gharpure & Rishabh Shukla

Adda 6

Sugar & Spice Round VI

Stagecraft Adda serves as a forum for Stagecrafters to ideate and innovate. Right from writing for stage to acting, direction, design or lighting, Stagecraft Adda aims to supplement Stagecraft Theatre with a pool of talented individuals having already proved their mettle on stage. It aims to create a set-up where-in intriguing ideas can be developed by a team of established theatre persons and bright youngsters in collaboration and taken to the next level. Nurturing latent talents and exploring experimental theatre is what the Adda wishes to do, which would otherwise take a backseat in the hustle of setting up a mainstream production.

Every show of Stagecraft Adda involves talented directors presenting 10 minute plays written or adapted by someone within the group, presented with a cast of their own choice; each director, writer and actor adding their own flavour into the mix, bringing about a lovely concoction of “Sugar and Spice”. After four successful editions, we present

Sugar and Spice Round VI

The performances were a huge success.

A medley of 10 plays of 10 minutes each written by 10 writers and directed by 10 directors, presented by 10 talented actors. The plays are:

1) ‘You’re on Hold’

Directed by Onkar Ghare
Written by Nandan Majumdar
Performed by Aishwarya Deotale

A single woman struggles to give attention to her mother and her best friend while going through troubles of her own.

2) ‘Let it Go’

Directed by Bianca Nazareth Arya
Written by Arya Diwakar
Performed by Anubhav Gupta

A man struggles with changing his perspective about his trouble-ridden life.

3) ‘The Edge of Teen’

Directed by Amol Wakhare
Written by Anjali Mishra
Performed by Isha Shrivastava

A witty teen gives an up close and personal view of a teenager’s life.

4) ‘Kuch Pal’

Directed by Krutika Rangari
Written by Saurabh Hardas
Performed by Anadi Sharma

A dutiful son reminisces about his father while talking to his wheelchair-ridden mother.

5) ‘Infinite’

Directed by Vinay Pande
Written by Khatija Ferhy
Performed by Kiran Gosavi

A fisherwoman takes her son along an eventful journey as they look out for fallen stars.

6) ‘Sab Pagal Ho’

Directed by N V Sharma
Written by Shefali Hardas
Performed by Mustafa Neemuchwala

An unhinged person is let loose in public, but there is more than what meets the eye.

7) ‘Who Died First’

Directed by Aditya Bansod
Written by Shantanu Thengdi
Performed by Vijayshree Bajaj

A tale from the Arabian nights, where a woman mournfully tells the story of her husband.

8) ‘Haan Mai Jhooth Bolti Hoon’

Directed by Ketaki Kane Salankar
Written by Neelabh Trivedi
Performed by Mrudula Kulkarni

A clever, street smart woman talks about the art of lying and it’s rightfulness in society.

9) ‘Batwara’

Directed by Varun Vij
Written by Nitish Chandra
Performed by Rachit Khetan

A refugee struggles with the decision of whom to abandon when his family is rocked by the 1947 partition.

10) ‘Thank God!’

Directed by Raveesh Jaiswal
Written by Radhika Joshi
Performed by Shivani Joshi

A mother dialogues about a morning when her inherent wishes came dramatically true.


The show was staged on 15th January, 2017 at RGNIIPM Auditorium, Nagpur.

stagecraft adda - superior


(Rajat is sitting in his chair making notes. There is a knock heard offstage and Kumar comes in)

Rajat: Well hello, Mister Kumar! I am glad you came at the appointed time. I was hoping to cut out a little window in my schedule, since you are my last appointment. So why don’t we make this nice and quick.

Kumar: I didn’t want to come here in the first place. Why the hell wouldn’t I want it to end quickly?

Rajat: (laughing) A little angry about things are we? Well it’s perfectly normal to have little spats with the staff, its lets out that anger. We at human resource have our jobs just to ensure that we have the reason of why the spat happened.

Kumar: Yeah right!

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When Two Strangers Talk

Park setup. Two benches are placed in alignment at the center of stage. A man in plain clothes is sitting on the right bench reading ‘The accidental billionaires’. We hear a man talking loudly offstage. A woman in a suit comes in talking on her cell phone with a laptop bag on her shoulder. She walks and sits beside the man in plain clothes.

SUIT: I don’t care if you have to walk the whole damn city to make it work, do what I pay you to do! And yes, I pay you a fair amount of money so don’t give me any crap about how low your pay is and how you are getting old. If you are getting old, then I am starting to have an inclination to bloody fire you and get somebody else to do your job.

The man in plain clothes moves to the very corner of the bench when the woman in the suit sits beside him and talks.

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