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Fool’s Paradise


FOOL’S PARADISE – Comedy (English)
An adaptation of P G Wodehouse’s Bachelors Anonymous
A journalist who falls in love with a playwright, a film producer who avoids women for fear of marrying them, three friends who vow to remain single for the rest of their lives, a free-spirited traveler who is made to eat humble pie, an unlikely inheritance, an unusual connection – on the way, all the laughs and guffaws in this paradise of fools. Fools like all the rest of us – as wise as they are foolish and foolish in spite of their wisdom.

Inspired by P.G. Wodehouse’s characters and comic timing, Fool’s Paradise is a new play with urban, contemporary characters and their views on love, longing, ambition and romance. Zippy dialogue, crackling pace, clever execution and an unexpected finale make for a delightful theatre experience that is both uproarious and insightful.

Directed by: Vikash Khurana

Featuring: Raveesh Jaiswal, Arya Diwakar, Bianca Nazareth Arya, Nitish Chandra, Sonal Trivedi Malkan, Onkar Ghare, Vivek Daga.

Date: Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th August 2017

Time: 3pm & 7pm Sharp

Venue: Gurunanak Bhavan, Dept. of Fine Arts, before Nagpur University Campus, Ambazari Garden Road, Nagpur.

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