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We are part of a world which is evolving every day. Something is changing; something different is happening every minute. And, yes, we all are encompassing change.

Similar is with theatre. It has evolved in its own ways and methods. From poetic dramas to problem plays, it has spread worldwide. But needless to say, in today’s world, our outlook towards theatre has changed or I would say it is different.

While some are running to the auditions of Bollywood films and some considering theatre as a stepping stone to the industry. Amidst all of this, the charm has been lost.

Today’s generation works, plays, gyms to post pictures and videos on various social networking sites, like it is the primitive objective of why we do all those things for. With reference to theatre which sure can be done as a hobby with a sincere effort. And sincerity comes from focusing and working hard and not by constantly updating status, or to look good, for that matter. To perform good, yes. But not to look good. If your character demands you to look a certain way or wear something unconventional, you go ahead with a smile that you can at least have the opportunity to be someone who is not conventional rather than being sceptical about how you would look. Not everyone is blessed to get such an opportunity.

An opportunity, that can be revered forever. An opportunity which will no matter what remain in your heart as one of the most loved memories. An opportunity which pushes you to do something and be someone different on the stage and forget about everything and everyone else while enjoying yourself in that world.

So, friends, come back to that life again where you don’t need mobile phones in your hands to document the act, instead, your hands can clap for the team you’ve been a part of, for putting up a sincere act.

So, don’t just be in theatre, get back to it.


Written by
Arya Diwakar
Arya is an English Literature student who has a penchant for theatre and writing.

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