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I Tell a Tale

Sherlock Holmes 3

I tell a tale, I tell a tale of a clown.
About his life weaved around footlights and anticipated frowns.

He goes around every evening,
to see people who weep!
The people who weep in their despair,
Because by the foolishness he mumbles,
he lets people some happiness to share.

He goes around every evening,
to find people who let their faces pale,
Being the joker of their lives,
his monkey business being the town’s only amusing tale.

He goes around every evening,
digging the morose out!
His dislikes for disdain is where the mockery comes loud.

He goes around every evening,
to search the doomed clan,
Only to come back home and find in the mirror, the masquerader, the saddest man!

Written by
Pragya Mishra
Pragya is an engineering student with a passion for writing and theatre.

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