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Magic of Theatre!

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It is one minute until the curtains go up. My heart is beating in my throat, my knees knocking, my teeth chattering, sweat dripping down my back and I feel a drop travel which further causes anxiety and I break out into a cold sweat. Never have I ever felt this kind of panic; not even when I was in the labour room and yet I feel this again and again and every time when the curtain is about to rise. Then in a moment, the lights dim, the music plays and the magic begins.

Not many understand the time and hard work it takes to put a show together, right from first reading to the performance day. Hours are spent creating costumes and sets, learning lines and dances, collecting props, show marketing, and so much more. It truly takes dedication and passion to bring a show to life and make it all happen seamlessly.

People often wonder, and trust me I have been asked as to why I am willing to give so much time; why am I drawn to do shows over and over again and gladly work to the point of exhaustion to be a part of the cast or crew.

The answer is simple, there is nothing like the magic of theatre. It is visceral – you can feel it.

I get to create, delve, uncover and bring a character to life, be a person that is completely unlike who I am, chance to see what it feels like to be someone else and to do things that I might normally not, basically capture the essence of a person.

I get the magical powers to transport the audience to another time and place, to make them laugh or cry, to make them see things that are not even there. All in an effort to entertain and inspire and weave magic every time.

So once again soon, I will find myself in the wings at one minute before, facing the same frenzy just so I can create something special, create a little magic.


Written by
Radhika Joshi
Radhika is an ebullient and vivacious personality, who is passionate about everything, including her writing.

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