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Christmas Carol

Stagnancy is nature’s way of saying that there is a need of something new. It comes to everything, be it life, time, culture and even society. So naturally, it must have crept in theatre as well, at some point of time.

For a certain part of the society, theatre is still an elitist form of culture. The image of theatre is of an old man, aging, fading and mostly reminiscing about the long gone past. And that’s why the emergence of short plays is nothing short of a miracle.

Just imagine. A story unfolds in front of you in a few minutes. Characters etched in minds in the span of a short meal. And yet, they provide a familiar feeling of ecstasy, which only this medium knows how to. It’s too good to believe, and yet, it’s remarkably successful.

Short plays are quite simply put, lots of fun. A writer pens down his most radical of thoughts. A director brainstorms his heart out and paints a picture worthy of the stage and the actors give life to characters before you can even blink your eyes.

It is on the foundation of these short plays, we’ve seen such an increase in the number of theatre enthusiasts in the last few years. These short plays are accessible, to the artists, as well as, the audience. An evening full of them allows an audience member to enjoy a variety of genres, writing styles and stories, which frankly, was not possible in the good old days.

So, I believe, had there not been short plays, there would not have been a concept of modern interest in theatre. They need credit. Because they’re the only way a theatre group can amass 70 original plays in 4 and half years.

And yes, that’s a fact.


Written by
Onkar Ghare
Onkar is a law student, who also likes to act, write and direct plays.

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