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Theatre – A Virtual World

Midsummer night

World of theatre, a small but an extravagant virtual stage thriving in this bubble of harsh realities, teaches you lessons of life better than the experiences of the real world. Due to the vast difference in real experiences a question arises, to which I have thought hard but am unable to answer, the question of reality. Is the social cycle in which I live in compatible, to the actuality and rationality of theatres? Through a daylong of hard work, I wonder what attracts all of us here to this stage, to perform & play our role in this solidified imaginary which we call ‘theatre’. A journalist plays the character of a joker; an engineering student plays the role of a father, a businessman plays the role of a waiter and so on. Well, we are connected together because of our passion to play what we’re not. Yes ‘passion’, the link between all these questions with their answers, Passion towards this beautiful art of enactment, pretence and imitation, towards the art of THEATRE.

We can call ourselves fortunate enough that we get a chance to be so many variant characters in one single life. The cycle is such that after practising hard for hours & hours comes the ‘Show Time’, the time when both the worlds meet, come face to face, the reality to see and the de facto to show. The anxiety when we’re sitting in the backstage, just waiting for the encounter, those goose bumps rising with the announcements and then that adrenaline rush when we are on stage gives you the most enjoyable thrill of life. After the show, we wait for our rewards ‘The Praise’ yes the commendation on our imitation of the TRUTH. Quoting, Sir Xenophon “The sweetest of all sound is the sound of praise”. Every time when a play comes to an end it brings that overwhelming feeling of returning back to the real world which we left every time waiting for another writer to pen down another story, carving a different world for us to escape to.

But wait, end is always about a new beginning, isn’t it? Every character we played left behind some of its traits in us & gave us not only a new avatar in our real life but also helped us to develop more as an actor in our theatrical life too. Moreover, it gave us a new insight towards our relations we held in our ‘social life’ of the theatre. Some get a caring brother, so some get a super sister, some landed up getting cool parents and with all these roles we bonded truly to have a great friendship.  Now you know that why people call us ‘Stage crafters’, one big family.  The memories & the moments we spent with each other onstage as well as offstage are so exquisite that it can be cherished all our life.

World of Theatre is not restricted just to the dialogues spoken on stage to convey the thoughts of a writer. It has some more entertaining art forms too to offer its audience. One of them is Mime, an art form which is all about over expressing your thoughts. A man in complete black attire with a face painted white acting with all he got, his expressions his body motions but without uttering a word from his mouth & still conveying his message as effectively, as an actor with dialogues would have done. This form of Silent Theatre acts has spotted legendary artists in the world such as Charlie Chaplin & Rowan Atkinson.

Another theatre art form I particularly like is Street theatre. Imagine you’re enjoying a wonderful time walking pass through a park or shops on the street but all of a sudden a group of enthusiastic artists start performing in front of you with no mikes no music but all they got is an unmatchable energy channelling which, they perform their act which is enough to transmit you their message.

On similar notes, we performed our act though not on street that time but in a restaurant. People out there were having a good time with their loved ones enjoying their dinner & on the spur of the moment, we started our act. Watching an audience on their respective seats, with us performing on stage in an auditorium or theatre is usual but performing in front of the same audience with spoons in their hands eating their dinner with confused looks on their face watching us performing between their tables trying to make use of every inch of space available and the stuff present around them as our props was really an incredible experience for an artist.

There are so many experiences to share, so many learned lessons to talk about. Life at the Theatre is that hangover which never ends; it is that starve of learning new things, which never dies. This virtual world of theatre has so many hidden treasures waiting to be explored by an artist as well as its audience. I hope people of the real world keep being interested in our dear world of theatre. Because “Movies will make you famous, television will make you rich but theatre will make you good”- Terrence Mann.


Written by
Mustafa Neemuchwala
Mustafa Neemuchwala is an Engineering student & an enthusiastic theatre artist.

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