A Christmas Carol- The Musical

The story of A Christmas Carol illustrates how self-serving, insensitive people can be converted into charitable, caring, and socially conscious members of society through the intersession of moralizing of quasi-religious lessons. Warmth, generosity, and overall goodwill, overcome the protagonist of the story- Ebenezer Scrooge’s bitter apathy as he encounters and learns from his memory, the ability to empathise, and his fear of death. Memory serves to remind Scrooge of a time when he is still felt emotionally connected to other people, before he closed himself off in an austere state of alienation. Empathy enables Scrooge to sympathize with and understand those less fortunate than himself, people like Tiny Tim and Bob Cratchit. The fear of death hints at eminent moral reckoning–the promise of punishment and reward.

With each Ghost’s tale functioning as a parable, A Christmas Carol advances the Christian moral ideals associated with Christmas- generosity, kindness, and universal love for your community.  It also offers a distinctly modern view of Christmas, less concerned with solemn religious ceremony and defined by more joyous traditions- the sharing of gifts, festive celebrations and displays of prosperity.

The play was staged on 6th of September 2015 at St. Ursula’s Auditorium. You can see the photographs here.

Two more shows of the play are being held on 20th December, 2015(at 3PM and 7 PM sharp) at the Indian Medical Associations, JR Shaw Auditorium, North Ambhazari Road, Nagpur.

Featuring: N V Sarma, Anuj Hamilton, Rachit Singh, Onkar Ghare, Sonal Trivedi, Raunak Madne, Joshua Anglo, Nikita Iyer, Amol Wakhare, Shruti Bhojwani, Harsh Dayaramani, Melanie Lancelot.

Directed by: Vikash Khurana

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