Fun on the Run

‘Fun on the Run’ is a roller – coaster ride full of hilarious, action – packed situations. The Plot of this ‘naughty knotty’comedy involves Aditi Khanna who suspects her husband, Dr Mukesh Khanna of having an affair. She convinces her childhood friend, Simran, to send him an  anonymous note and trick him into having a rendezvous with her at a shady hotel, so that she can catch him in the act. In doing so, she unwittingly involves a huge range of characters including an effeminate wannabe, a lecherous doctor, a jealous Sardarji, a pompous hotel manager and a drunken waiter, who all con-verge in a flurry of mistaken identities, flying bullets, impending infidelity, song and dance, double roles, double entendres and uncontrollable mayhem.

The cast of ‘Fun on the Run’includes Lalit Khullar, Ketaki Kane, Nirmalya Sinha, Dharmesh Thapar, Urvashi Rana, Raveesh Jaiswal, Richa Mallick, Kushal Raychura, Nandan Majumdar, Ashma Punyani, Shankar Iyer, Anand Jamekar,  Nivedita Jogdand and N V Sharma.

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