Horn OK Please

Horn OK Please is the story of a Mumbai luxury taxi tour operator, Raju, with two wives – one at home in Dombivili and another at home in Kalyan; two lives and a very precise schedule for juggling them both. Trouble brews when Raju meets with an accident and ends up in hospital, where both of his addresses surface, causing both the Dombivili and Thane police to investigate. This upsets his schedule and causes both wives to report him missing. Raju then becomes hopelessly entangled in his attempts to explain himself to his two wives and to two suspicious police officers.

Featuring: Anuj Hamilton, Ketaki Kane Salankar, Ayushi Upadhyay, Onkar Ghare, Leo Naidu, Pooja Shrivastava, Rachit Khetan, Gurnoor Bedi and Pranjala Chauhan

Directed by: Vikash Khurana

SUNDAY 1st FEBRUARY – 2 SHOWS – 5 & 8pm sharp

Entry by Donation: ₹700, 350, 250,150
Available at all Tauby’s outlets and at the venue on show days

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