Inside the Act!

Why do I like to watch a play?

Because I love theatre. I love the way an intelligent, engaging script on fresh white sheets of paper is transformed into that moment when the actor is standing on stage and you can almost sense his adrenaline gush. And when, as an audience, you are right in the midst of the act, you feel that adrenaline gush too! Thats precisely why I found Stagecraft’s Dinner Theatre really cool.

There were the actors, with crisp, quickfire dialogues bouncing back and forth the room, and there was me, right within the action, sipping my cool butterbeer and laughing, not in the dark, but in the bright, sparkling restaurant room which itself was the stage. This experiment, of stage and audience merged together, created a pleasurable fluidity.

There were six short plays, written and directed by members of Stagecraft, and enacted by them at Cafe Zinea on 6th December. The scripts were fun, relevant and had the room laughing. Hats off to the actors who made it seem that keeping a straight face and remaining in character is the most natural thing to do, when the bursting with laughter spectator is sitting right next to them!

As always while watching a play, the enjoyment came from the brilliant implementation of an essentially good crux. That is, storyline, and script. In this case the scripts were concise, fitting with the light-hearted nature of the show. What I found amazing was how much the brief, carefully edited sets of dialogues managed to covey.

We were in a restaurant, where a father and a son realise, that it doesn’t make sense to assume that a father and a son can’t possibly double date, and actually tell each other what’s in their minds. We were in a room, where a girl wakes up after a night with a man she met at a wedding, to find his father sitting at a table. The father, instead of acting like an insensitive hypocrite, is calm and honest enough a person to warmly, gracefully talk to the girl. We were at a police station, where we are witness to a very interesting conversation between an understandably suspicious lady and a well meaning prisoner on parole.

This way, while I ate yummy sandwiches and fries, I was taken through hilarious and at the same time meaningful scenes and situations. It was one enlivened, high energy, laughter filled room, and I had a great time being a part of it!

– Khatija Chimthanwala

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