Karan Kumar Khanna is engaged to be married to the lovely Dimple Kapoor. Everything seems to be perfect until Guruma, a fortune teller, acting on behalf of Dimple’s mother reads Karan’s palm, in order to check his character for any past wrongdoings. Guruma finds a flawless past but foretells that Karan will, at some point in his life, commit a murder. Karan feels duty-bound to get the dirty deed over and done with before the marriage and sets about choosing his victim, and the method of disposal. He receives both help and hindrance from his Man Friday, Natwar Singh, and the dreaded (but constipated) terrorist Al Kabzz. Are any of Karan’s relatives, such as his Aunts Mrs. Aarti Khanna and Mrs Preeti Malhotra or his Uncle Professor Vishnu Dewan, safe? And will Karan ever be free to marry Dimple?

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