Three witches confront the great Scottish General Macbeth, on his victorioous return from war between Scotland and Norway, and prophesy that he will become the king of Scotland. The Scottish king, Duncan, decides to spend a night at the heroic Macbeth’s castle as a special honour to him. Macbeth, Inspired  by his wife, Lady Macbeth, murders the sleeping Duncan. As the suspicion of the deed falls on Malcom, the prince, (who flees for his life) the crown passes on to Macbeth. Encouraged by more prophecies from the evil sisters, Macbeth begins an orgy of murder and mayhem. Eventually the forces of virtue emerge triumphant.

Starring: Vikash Khurana, Khurshid Dalal, Lalit Khullar, Supantha Bhattacharya, Dharmesh Thapar, Kaushal Raychura, Tauby Bhagwagar, Khatija Chimanthawala, Ketaki Kane, Richa Mallick, Anurag Kulkarni, N V Sarma, Nirmalya Sinha, Piyush Pande, Uravashi Rana, Ribhu Bhatia, Rahul Pariyar.

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