Oz -The Rock Opera

Dorothy is a young and reckless, big city girl who believes in living life on the edge. One night, in a fit of drunken driving, she crushes a woman under the wheels of her speeding car. Fearful of the repercussions, Dorothy flees the scene and as is her wont finds refuge in a bar at the other end of the city. Inebriated and shaken she eventually discovers that she has unknowingly escaped to the land of Oz.  But escape from Oz is not easy, with Dorothy hopelessly ensnared in the sex and drug mafia that rules the dark alleys.

Starring: Anamika Sawarkar, Bianca Nazareth Arya, Nandan Majumdar, Raveesh Jaiswal, Anuj Hamilton, Dharmesh Thapar, Supantha Bhattacharya, Leonard Leo, Sonal Trivedi, Pranjala Chauhan, Anand Jamekar, Abhishek Chatterjee, Bhavesh Bembi, Priscilla Marian, Aditya Saraf, Akshay Dewani, Aasim Sani, Zeeshan Jeevaji, Anushka Deshmukh, Shalini Bhagat, Pankhuree Shukla, Parizad Major, Vikash Khurana

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