Panchi Asie Aate Hain

Panchi aise aate hain is a story of a vagabond, Arun Sarnaik, who lives life without personal or material attachments. He makes his way into the homes of a middle class family in Alibagh, on an impulse, and changes the life of the daughter of the family. The parents are obsessed with with getting her married; her social value and self esteem still depends on whether she finds a man to marry her or not, and finally, she must present herself to the prospective groom’s side n a light that matches their values and ideas of beauty.

Starring: Varun Vij, Raveesh Jaiswal, Nirmalya Sinha, Sunita Kulkarni, Shweta Puranik-Pendse, Anurag Kulkarni.

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