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Short is sweet! Stagecraft Adda Experimental Theatre has made this phrase symbolically true, the best way the people in it can do! The short plays which created a certain amount of buzz amongst the people, got to the best youth platforms available in Nagpur, and succeeded in churning out terrific response from the audience. Out of the 10 short plays that were developed under the forum of Stagecraft Adda, a certain number of plays were performed at Hislop College, VNIT and RKNEC, in college fests and specifically for the youth. The experience was thrilling, as in every show, every person in the team got associated with a new concept for the show to go on!

Sugar and Spice- National Academy of Direct Taxes (Performance date : December 15, 2012)

Sugar and Spice - I
Anamika and Raveesh in Firsht time, directed by Shweta Puranik-Pendse

With Sugar & Spice, an independent show in the National Academy of Direct Taxes Auditorium, Stagecraft Theatre ventured into the realms of experimental theatre, with its new outfit- Stagecraft Adda. The purpose was to bring about a twist in the way theatre was being perceived by us. It was necessary to delocalise the creative density in the group and expand the pool of actors and directors. 10 new directors were inducted into the fold and were told to present a 10 minute play each with a cast of their own choice. Each director and actor added their own flavour into the mix and brought about a fresh narrative style.
The plays ranged from slapstick to absurd to dramatic. Genres like situational comedy were attempted successfully by Anurag Kulkarni (Murder by Midnight), Bianca Nazareth-Arya (Turn the Other cheek) and NV Sarma (Parda Uthane se pehle); while Nandan Majumdar attempted Absurdity with ‘The Office Break’ and Raveesh Jaiswal treaded similar territory in ‘Walnut Street’. Anamika Sawarkar’s ‘Exiting’ was about a crucial conversation in a lift while Onkar Ghare’s ’10 minutes of theft’ was a battle of wits between two thieves. Sonal Trivedi’s ‘While the Bentley waits’ was a subtle romantic and Supantha Bhattacharyya’s ‘Mate’ was the character elaboration of a common man which tugged the strings of most of the audience’s hearts. Shweta Puranik-Pendse directed slapstick comedy ‘Firsht Time’ which got the loudest applause from the crowd at NADT.
The Adda also introduced 4 writers as Shweta Puranik-Pendse, Supantha Bhattacharyya, Onkar Ghare and Raveesh Jaiswal directed plays written by themselves.
The Stagecraft Adda thus wishes to continue working in the midst of innovation and experimentation in the years to come.

Sugar and Spice- Hislop College. (Performance date : July 6, 2013)


All the ten plays, developed by the 10 different directors were performed at Hislop College. After the outstanding response and feedback from the previous show of ‘Sugar and Spice…and all that’s nice’ at NADT auditorium, it was rejuvenating to witnesses the audience embracing the different plays having uncommon yet relative themes, with open arms, once again. May it be the brain racking ‘The Office Break’ or the slapstick comedy ‘Firsht Time’, the applause was as always, enthusiastic. If the show was a story, the theme was tenfold and the story was told in ten different parts! Of course, the audience response was also, ten times stronger!

‘Aarohi’- Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT)

When it is decided that a show has to be experimental, every element of it decides to be of such kind. The Stagecraft ADDA team, performed at VNIT’s annual college festival ‘Aarohi’, with a view to encourage the youth to take up performing arts and widespread the happenings of theatre activities. The three plays, ‘Office Break’, ‘Walnut Street’ and ‘Exiting’, directed by Nandan Majumdar, Raveesh Jaiswal and Anamika Sawarkar respectively, got enormous positive reaction from the theatre lovers and students all the same, present at the festival. It was the team of only 5 people taking care of acting, lights, as well as the sound for the plays, which got the plays through in grand fashion and left the audience as well as the organizers, hungry for more!

‘Pratishruti’- Shri Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Engineering College.(RKNEC)

In addition to the aforementioned plays, ‘Ten minutes of theft’ directed by Onkar Ghare and ‘Turn the Other cheek’ directed by Bianca Nazreth- Arya, were performed at ‘Pratishruti’, the annual college festival of RKNEC. For the first time, the plays were performed without using mikes, an experiment which paid off terrifically. With a greater than expected turn up of audience, the plays received extremely good response. A genuine fact was that the awareness of the short plays among the audience was clearly visible, with most of the publicity of the earlier shows getting generated by mouth to mouth publicity. The show was a success and the short plays were hit amongst the youth, an objective which was dutifully driven to success by the Stagecraft ADDA team.

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