Sugar and Spice II

The second installment from the indigenous barn of Stagecraft Adda, this cluster of short plays featured 10 brand new Writers and 10 Directors trying their hands at experimental theatre.

The 10 Directors: Dr. Supantha Bhattacharyya, Anurag Kulkarni, N.V. Sharma, Nandan Majumdar, Ketaki Kane Salankar, Sonal Trivedi, Pranjala Chauhan, Onkar Ghare, Devika Girish and Vinay Pande.

The Writers: Rahul Dev Mukherjee, Arkadev Bhattacharyya, Shubhankar Mishra, N.V. Sharma, Devika Girish, Shweta Bhade, Onkar Ghare, Nandan Majumdar, Rachit Singh and Shantanu Thengdi.

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