Sugar and Spice Round III


Stagecraft Adda serves as a forum for Stagecrafters to ideate and innovate. Right from writing for stage to acting, direction, design or lighting, Stagecraft Adda aims to supplement Stagecraft Theatre with a pool of talented individuals having already proved their mettle on stage. It aims to create a set-up where-in intriguing ideas can be developed by a team of established theatre persons and bright youngsters in collaboration and taken to the next level. Nurturing latent talents and exploring experimental theatre is what the Adda wishes to do, which would otherwise take a backseat in the hustle of setting up a mainstream production.

Every show of Stagecraft Adda involves talented directors presenting 10 minute plays written or adapted by someone within the group, presented with a cast of their own choice; each director, writer and actor adding their own flavour into the mix, bringing about a lovely concoction of “Sugar and Spice”.  After two successful editions, we present

Sugar and Spice Round III
on 3rd May, 2014
at Chitnavis Centre, Nagpur; 7.00 PM Sharp. 

The performances were a huge success. See the picutres here

A medley of 10 plays of 10 minutes each written by 10 writers and directed by 10 directors, presented by a team of talented actors. The plays are:

1) Aaj Jaane ki Zid na Karo
‘An estranged husband…. A wife who just won’t let go… But are things always what they seem to be?’

Writer – Nandan Majumdar
Director – Parizad Major
Cast: Bianca Nazareth Arya, Anuj Hamilton

2) Babul Mora
‘What happens when the fourth wall disappears, and the audience invades the stage? Who suffers when civic responsibility clashes with self-preservation? Watch this play within a play for the answers.’

Writers- Rahuldev Mukherjee / Arkdev Bhattacharya
Director- Ketaki Kane Salankar
Cast: Supantha Bhattacharyya, Nandan Majumdar, Aasim Sani

3) Jab Andhera Hota Hai
‘A dark, rainy night, a deserted bus-stop, a damsel in distress, a menacing stranger. Be afraid, be very very afraid!’

Writers- Rahuldev Mukherjee / Arkdev Bhattacharya
Director- Supantha Bhattacharyya
Cast: Sonal Trivedi, Shantanu Thengdi

4) Once Again
‘Mohan and Kaamini, eager to extend their online relationship to the next level, decide to meet, only to realise that the idea could be farfetched.’

Writer- Shweta Puranik Pendse
Director- Varun Vij
Cast: Anurag Kulkarni, Shweta Bhangale Badhe

5) Walnut Street
‘Wishes do come true you know but only when the night skies are busy. Michelle is frustrated with her husband when she chances upon an eerie encounter. Be careful what you wish for.’

Writer – Raveesh Jaiswal
Director- Aasim Sani
Cast: Mayuri Assudani, Jorris, Manali Kulkarni

6) The Cop and the Anthem
‘People generally try to stay out of a jail. But what if somebody wants to be locked up?’

Writer- O.Henry/ Adapted by Onkar Ghare
Director- Pranay Naidu
Cast: Rachit Singh, Atharva Moroney, Aryan Acharya, Vinay Pande, Snigdha Banerjee

7) Insanity
‘A state of extreme irrationality where the the incongruous past and the indefinitive future collide into the bloody present for Shirish and Swati.’

Writer- Aasim Sani
Director- Nandan Majumdar
Cast: RJ Rocky, Swati Sani

8) Kya sahi Kya galat
‘Every moment in our lives is a battle of right and wrong, good and evil! Which one wins, is something that is always a choice…’

Writer – Shweta Chaddha
Director – Shweta Bhangale Badhe
Cast: Vinay Pandey, Rachit Khetan

9) Hawai Sapne
‘The story of a man whose reality is restricted to a modest bicycle, but dreams are nestled in a private aircraft’

Writer – A.K Mishr/ Adapted by Shantanu Thengdi
Director- Swati Sani
Cast: Siddhant Verma, Ketaki Kane Salankar, Pranay Naidu, Arjun Kulkarni

10) Mere Papa ki Girl Friend.
‘Sunny Leone and wine Can make a man a swine, But with his wife is it fine? A story of thine and mine.’
Writer- Eshan Sarma
Director-N V Sarma
Cast: N V Sarma, Sunalini Sarma, Eshan Sarma.

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