Sugar and Spice Round V

Stagecraft Adda serves as a forum for Stagecrafters to ideate and innovate. Right from writing for stage to acting, direction, design or lighting, Stagecraft Adda aims to supplement Stagecraft Theatre with a pool of talented individuals having already proved their mettle on stage. It aims to create a set-up where-in intriguing ideas can be developed by a team of established theatre persons and bright youngsters in collaboration and taken to the next level. Nurturing latent talents and exploring experimental theatre is what the Adda wishes to do, which would otherwise take a backseat in the hustle of setting up a mainstream production.

Every show of Stagecraft Adda involves talented directors presenting 10 minute plays written or adapted by someone within the group, presented with a cast of their own choice; each director, writer and actor adding their own flavour into the mix, bringing about a lovely concoction of “Sugar and Spice”. After four successful editions, we present

Sugar and Spice Round V
on 20th August, 2016
at RGIIPM Auditorium, Nagpur

The performances were a huge success. See the picutres here

A medley of 10 plays of 10 minutes each written by 10 writers and directed by 10 directors, presented by a team of talented actors. The plays are:

1) MEN!
The devil’s minion is sent to collect the soul of a very attractive woman. But since when has an expedition involving an attractive person sailed smoothly?

Written by Radhika Joshi
Directed by Leonard Leo
CAST – Shivani Joshi, Varun Vij, Mustafa Neemuchwala, Kritika Rangari

An old retired music teacher invites three of his favourite students, who are now working across the world, for snacks one evening. They chat and reconnect, while the teacher reveals the motive behind his invitation.

Written by Padmashree Pande
Directed by Sonal Trivedi-Malkan
Cast – N V Sarma, Mrudula Kulkarni, Sahil Puniyani, Prajakta Raut

Three strangers, more than two forbearing decades and one painful incident. Relations go awry and misunderstandings brew up, leading to repentance.

Written and Directed by Saurabh Hardas
CAST – Joesph Dias, Saurabh Ghoyal, Amar Mishra

A young, passionate, oblivious flutist. A dream. An obstacle. A confidant. The play beautifully validates the thought, that sometimes maybe, along with grit, all you need is, a confidant.

Written and Directed by Raveesh Jaiswal
CAST – Alina Dhamani, Kritika Rangari

A boat, caught in a stormy sea, has aboard it a band of keen hearted, spirited men. Why exactly have they embarked on a seemingly senseless journey? What is it that drives a human being to do crazy things?

Written and Directed by Khatija Chimthanawala
Cast – Anubhav Gupta, Veda Desai, Rajat Rajani, Eshan Sharma, Stefan Matthew

Mother-son bond is the strongest bond, they say. This is a story of one such mother and her son. Where the Mother already has survived a lot, with husband gone and left alone to take care of her only son. They both go through an emotional turmoil.Now her son is leaving too. Let’s see how they overcome this pain. Its all about the one last goodbye.

Written by Raunak Madne
Directed by Aditya Bansod
Cast – Anadi Sharma, Pooja Manian

A thief arrives in the rathods’ neighbourbood and defiantly tells Rahul(rathod) that she’s here to steal. On further acquaintance, Rahul is intrigued about the strange but insightful thief’s motives. As he follows her methods, their seemingly trivial dialogue provides keen insights into the absurd and meaningless. In the end, rahul is baffled to see life stripped of all its meaning.’We knock reality down its very throne’!

Written & Directed by Amol Wakhare
Cast – Amol Wakhare

On a strange spooky night, an innocent stranger enters a strange house for help, hoping the stranger inmates to be kind, but is frightened to watch the stranger inmates inviting deadly stranger spirits..what happens next ? …watch out…

Written & directed by – Eshan N. Sarma
Cast – N. V. Sarma, S. N. Sarma, Eshan N. Sarma

Old age always comes uninvited, so what do you do when you suddenly find yourself out of a job, a job that means the world to you, a job that defines you! You are left heart broken especially at the thought of who will carry your legacy forward….Here is the story of Salim as he deals with a similar dilemma.

Written & Directed by Nitish Chandra
Cast – Vinay Pande, Taher Shibam , Anubhav Gupta

A father is getting ready to say goodbye to his children, but dawns on the realization that this won’t be a goodbye akin to anything he is hoping for. It’s a play of the notion of emotions, practicality and dysfunction within the boundaries of family.

Written & Directed by Onkar Ghare
CAST – Nirmalya Sinha, Shreya Abhyankar, Samson Aiyub

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