(Rajat is sitting in his chair making notes. There is a knock heard offstage and Kumar comes in)

Rajat: Well hello, Mister Kumar! I am glad you came at the appointed time. I was hoping to cut out a little window in my schedule, since you are my last appointment. So why don’t we make this nice and quick.

Kumar: I didn’t want to come here in the first place. Why the hell wouldn’t I want it to end quickly?

Rajat: (laughing) A little angry about things are we? Well it’s perfectly normal to have little spats with the staff, its lets out that anger. We at human resource have our jobs just to ensure that we have the reason of why the spat happened.

Kumar: Yeah right!

Rajat: Don’t be annoyed Mr. Kumar, just calm down. It would seem that you are new to this place.  Everyone else knows that I want to keep appointments as perfectly normal conversations. Please take a seat.

Kumar: Well, all right.

Rajat: Now, you have been sent to the human resource department because a fine number of colleagues of yours have reported about your unprofessional behavior.

Kumar: Unprofessional, my ass!

Rajat: I am not saying for myself Mr. Kumar, I am just reading out the terms that have been mentioned in the report.

Kumar: And exactly how many people know me? There must be an exact number on the file, right?

Rajat: Even if there is, I would not disclose it. It is against the policy.

Kumar: The policy?

Rajat: Yes, based on the code of ethics.

Kumar: What exactly is the code of ethics?

Rajat: It is practically what to do and what not to do in your workplace. How you treat your staff? How you behave in front of SUPERIORS? How do you talk to the BOSS?

Kumar: Does the phrase ‘You don’t crap where you work’ come from this code?

Rajat: I don’t think so!

Kumar: Then the code is of no sense to me.

Rajat: Mr. Kumar to be in this company, you must follow the code of ethics.

Kumar: The boss should scrap the code. And burn the policy.

Rajat: You don’t worry about what the boss should do and what to do with the policy.

Kumar: Why, who made the policy?

Rajat: The boss.

Kumar: Ha! You are just a rule following moron!

Rajat: Now, now, don’t unleash that infamous anger here in HR. You might get fired!

Kumar: Really! Who will fire me?

Rajat: Mr. Ratnani! Practically, the person who is sitting in the MD’s chair would fire you.

Kumar: So you are saying, the boss fires anyone you file against?

Rajat: We are not going to discuss it. Now tell me the incident that resulted in you being sent here.


Kumar: And why should I tell you?

Rajat: It is a conversation starter. Amazing things get revealed from conversations. Like I said before, I just want to have a proper conversation with you.

Kumar: Okay! I got into an argument with the supervisor.

Rajat: The supervisor. You mean the one who you report to?

Kumar: Umm…

Rajat: And why did you argue with him?

Kumar: I did not like the way he treated his inferiors.

Rajat: You did not like the way he treated his staff, all right!

Kumar: Yes.

Rajat: And what did you say to him.

Kumar: I told him to take it easy.

Rajat: And you did not feel inappropriate to just talk to a superior about his behavior?

Kumar: No!

Rajat: No?

Kumar: He is not my superior.

Rajat: Oh ho! Superiority complex, is it? Very interesting! What was the last line you said to him, before you were sent here?

Kumar: I told him to go screw himself!


Rajat: You told him to go…

Kumar: Screw himself, yes.

Rajat: I would not be that brave to admit to have said that.

Kumar: Actually no, screw wasn’t the word I used.


Rajat: Mr. Kumar. Let me assure you. You would not be able to survive in this building, if you continue your crude behavior.

Kumar: Oh, don’t be so sure of that!

Rajat: I am giving you a professional opinion.

Kumar: Well, with all due respect, it sucks!

Rajat: You would not be employed if you don’t respect the code of ethics!

Kumar: Oh really!

Rajat: Yes.

Kumar: The way I see it, I am going to be here for a fair amount of time!

Rajat: You would not, if you don’t show respect to superiors! Why, you would not be able to even get promotion, which is if you survive.

Kumar: I am going to say something that I said earlier.

Rajat: What?

Kumar: You are just a rule following moron!

Rajat: (Bangs on the table) Now, that’s just it!

Kumar: Oh! Looks like someone is angry!

Rajat: You are damn right I am.

Kumar: You should not be in this post, if you get angry this easily.

Rajat: (smiles) who is going to tell everyone, you? Who would believe you?

Kumar: There may be some people who would.

Rajat: Nobody would. And even if people get to know of this, they cannot do anything. Only the superiors can fire me, and I don’t have any beef with the boss. And for the record, the boss will have you fired once I file your report.

Kumar: Oh you are going to file against me? Tell me something, don’t you ever get tired of kissing your superior’s backside!

Rajat: I don’t! How dare you! Just because I…

Kumar: From what I hear, your boss is not going to be the only boss around.

Rajat: Yes, yes. Mr. Ratnani’s son is joining as the working head. But how do you know?

Kumar: I have my sources.

Rajat: Anyway, you worry for yourself. I am filing your report and going to meet junior Ratnani. No one has ever seen him or knows him. I want to be in his good books, so that I can fire insolents like you and be safe myself.

Kumar: And why would the boss want you to meet him?

Rajat: I have to give him a tour. I will show him exactly how things are done around here.

(Rajat’s phone rings. He puts it on speaker.)


Receptionist: Sir, there is a certain Jayesh Kumar here to see you. He says he is sorry for being late for his appointment.

Rajat: Kumar? But…

Kumar: You were nearly right you know. The supervisor thought I was new and sent me here for my cheek.

Rajat: But…Kumar? That means.

Kumar: In fact I am new to this place. You have given me information about the superiority influence here quite clearly.

Rajat: But, Mr. Ratnani…

Kumar: Oh! Dad wouldn’t mind if I took a little detour in my own office. By the way, my name really is Kumar. Kumar Ratnani. (Extends his arm)

Rajat: (Takes his hand) you…you little liar.

Kumar: Mr.Rajat you might want to control your anger. People would get a bad impression. But I would not worry about that. The first thing I am going to do is to take care of the superiority issue in this place.

Rajat: I…

Kumar: Oh as for you. You are still in Human Resource, frankly because I find you amusing. And you will honestly and impartially report to me. Is that understood?

Rajat: Yes.

Kumar: I am your boss now; you might want to start saying ‘Yes Sir!’

(Rajat buries his head in his hands and Kumar stands smiling straight looking at him)


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