Team Stagecraft

Team Stagecraft comprises of a motley group of dedicated and passionate theatre enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds and various fields.

Anamika Sawarkar

Soon to be an Engineer A multifaceted personality An actress, director and compere, many aspects add to her versatility.

Anand Jamekar

His days are spent in finance But his evenings are as rich. He plays myriad roles with elan, He has created his very own niche.

Anuj Hamilton

He builds structures for a living, An Engineer and Entrepreneur He creates on stage real magic, Which in our memory endures.

Anurag Kulkarni

An engineer into filmmaking, Into music and all things tech. Opportunities abound on stage To act, photograph & sound check.

Bianca Nazareth-Arya

She is a dentist by profession Through acting she truly conveys A poet and writer par excellence With a new perspective everyday.

Dharmesh Thapar

His mind was dedicated to dentistry But his heart belongs to the stage A rotarian and an actor incredible Whom very few can upstage.

Farah Amroliwalla

An Arts and fashion graduate Her canvases echo her flair Her skill is in costume design And she has acting talent to spare.

Ketaki Kane-Salankar

She has a Masters degree in Law But on stage she finds her soul She’s quirky and funny Her whole life is playing out a role.

Lalit Khullar

Academician and consultant He wears many hats with style Breathes life into any character His comic roles make you smile.

Nandan Majumdar

An Electronics Engineer, On stage he scaled new heights Has all aspects of stage covered In acting, directing and lights!

N V Sarma

A well-recognized face on UCN
Scientist and Actor superb
A force to reckon with on stage
His enthusiasm is difficult to curb.

Nirmalya Sinha

A banking executive He doesn’t need any loans Blessed with comic timing Incredible talent he owns.

Onkar Ghare

A student and yet accomplished Talented beyond his age He has written,directed and acted It is truly as if he be born on stage.

Parizad Major

A teacher with a heart of gold In Choreography her calling lies Madness backstage she thrives on She is a real angel in disguise.

Pranjala Chauhan

With training in psychology To Stagecraft she now belongs Having proved her potential Will enthrall audiences before long.

Sonal Trivedi

A teacher with a passion for art She mouths dialogues & croons With other miscellaneous talents Will have you dancing to her tune.

Sparsh Bhure

A budding Engineer, ready to smile Into your heart he’ll dance his way Recently he found a hidden skill Stagecraft put his acting on display.

Swati Sani

Owns and runs her own company Writes and photographs for sport Cooks up a storm in the kitchen And even on stage holds fort.

Varun Vij

A businessman with charisma For whom roles are written He enjoys production as well By theatre he is totally smitten.