The Golden Sam Awards : Winners 2013

The proud winners of Stagecraft Theatre’s Golden Sam Award for the year 2013 are:

Kachchi Kali Debut Male : Vinay Pande for Mowgli

Kachchi Kali Debut Female : Sabrina Khan for Mowgli

Best Costume Design – Farah Amroliwala for Mowgli

Best Makeup – Farah Amroliwala for Mowgli

Best Song (onstage) Male – Nandan Majumdar for Mowgli

Best Song (onstage) Female – Sonal Trivedi for Twelfth Night

Best Sound – Priyadarsh Bhabda

Best Music – Anurag Kulkarni for Mowgli

Best Choreography -Sonal Trivedi for Mowgli

Best Debut Director – Anamika Sawarkar for Bhag Bhag D K Bose

Best Jugal Bandi – Onkar Ghare and Shantanu Thengdi for Mowgli

Best Short play (Stagecraft Adda) – Supantha Bhattacharya for Jab Andhera Hota Hai

Best full length play – Rope

Best Actor (Male) – Nandan Majumdar for Bhag Bhag D K Bose and Varun Vij for Rope

Best Actor (Female) – Bianca Nazreth Arya for Twelfth Night

Best Supporting Actor (Male) – Anuj Hamilton and Anurag Kulkarni both for Rope

Best Supporting Actor (Female) – Anamika Sawarkar for Rope

Best Actor in a comic Role – Pramod Naidu for Bhag Bhag D K Bose and RJ Rocky for Bhag Bhag D K Bose

Best actor in a Negative Role – Gurnoor Bedi for Mowgli

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