The Magical Adventures of Ranji

Ranji has encounters with the strange and the mysterious when he is forced to visit his grandfather in a remote pastoral haunt. As he makes new friends in the human and animal worlds, he discovers new truths in the world around him and within him. This universal theme is infused with a compelling contemporary relevance, But wariness melts into bonding, as the boy finds himself riveted by the new characters he meets -an old railway station guard teaches him all about leopards; a playful ghost becomes his friend, Grandfather’s pet monkey grabs his attention; first love dawns… for a fellow visitor from abroad. In this process of perspective shifts and adjustments, the audience is drawn into a magical space of unknown joys and unexpected fun.

Starring: Amol Wakhare, Tanaya Chakravorty, Chirag Chugani, Arushi Thapar, N V Sarma, Pranjala Chauhan, Supantha Bhattacharya, Aunrag Kulkarni, Sonal Trivedi, Shweta Badhe, Mohana Mohture, Onkar Ghare, Raveesh Jaiswal, Vikash Khurana.

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