The Merchant Of Venice

‘The Merchant of Venice’ is  one of the most prestigious and popular yet controversial work of William Shakespeare story of love, hatred, betrayal and vengeance. As the story goes  an impoverished noble Bassanio, intends to marry the beautiful heiress Portia, but needs to borrow money from his friend, the wealthy Antonio.

Unfortunately,Antonio’s assets are tied up, forcing him to seek loan from shylock, who demands a pound of flesh if the sum is not repaid in time. A shocking twist of fate forces all four of the players into a high stakes match of wit and will power with portia donning the disguise of a male lawyer in the powerhouse finale.

Cast:Rahul Khurana, Amruta Mahajan, Vikas Khurana, Supantha Bhattacharya, Lalit Khullar, NIrmalya Sinha, Claudette Macleod, Stuti VIj, Adwait Mahajan, Anuragh Kulkarni, Ritesh Andhare, Kshitij Baiga, Sailesh Francis, Jawaharlal Sharma, Raja Mukherjee, Parag Nathaney, Neil Banerjee, Rajat Sharma and Kaustubh Shastri.

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