The Miser

Hafeez Mia is a mean spirited old man who plans to marry off his son, Shoaib and daughter, Shaira as an investment strategy, along with picking up a frugally minded housemaid/wife of his own. But his feisty children have plans of their own – to escape from his penny-pinching household and marry their respective lovers. And when an unscrupulous matchmaker (Yasmin), with a heart of gold, inserts herself in the middle of his plans, Hafeez Mia’s single minded pursuit of stinginess meets it’s match.

Starring: Supantha Bhattacharya, Bianca Nazareth-Arya, N V Sarma, Tushar Bist, Ahilya Kapley, Shubhankar Mishra, Sakhi Sahu, Anand Jamekar, Hrishikesh Barokar, Dharmesh Thapar.

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